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“JIET Group of Institutions” engaged in imparting quality education in the field of Engineering, Management and Applied Sciences. Currently all the five constituent colleges of the group are located in the city of Jodhpur. The courses are being conducted under the auspicious of Rajasthan Technical University, Kota and approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). Established in the year 2003, currently the 5 colleges of the group have strength of 4500 students.

A strong supporter to the idea of "Women Empowerment" and to provide professional education to the girls, the group has established JIET College of Engineering for girls and JIET School of Management for girls in the year 2007 with the world class infrastructure.

Amidst the crazy opaque madness of a thoroughly robotized world- a breath of zephyr, the cool soothing fresh breeze-invigorating, energizing, uplifting not only tired bodies; but also cynical souls.

That's RESONANCE for you!!

Lets enter the world of energy and entertainment. Lets explore and go beyond all horizons. Fly free in the azure skies uncaged and unfettered from the daily monotonous humdrum of life. Lets enter the arena of Resonance- the rip roaring techno-cultural fiesta of JIET.

With adrenaline gushing through your veins and your heart thumping crazily, with that look of awe on a thousand faces, we eagerly await the most exciting and scintillating fest.

Resonance provides you a platform to bring out the Shakespeare, the Picasso, the Jackson in you. Showcase your versatility and to tap into your latent talents and creativity, we also have a gamut of cultural events and activities to enthuse you.

Just when you thought it was all about having fun and chilling out, lets not detour from the core essence of technical education. Never let that vigor of high tension and voltage of scientific temper get taper off. Keeping that aura of scientific and literary rhapsody alive and kicking, we unfurl a range of technical and literary events that are gonna exhilarate you with the sheer feeling of ecstasy at the mere thought of magical stuff you can create with your technical prowess.

Let the madness begin!








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