Dance Duet

To register in Dance Duet event, Please enter your RESO-ID.
NOTE: Password and RESO-ID has already been sent through SMS on your mobile(only for JGI students)

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1. The maximum performing time will be 04 – 05 minutes. Negative points for exceeding the time limit.(final performance)

2. There are two rounds for participants prelims and final.

3. For prelims the video should be of 2 min don’t exceed the time limit.

4. All the registrations will be online only. No offline registrations will be considered.

5. Once the team has registered, no changes in the team member will be entertained.

6. Any obscene/offensive music/song or costume is not allowed. If any such performance is observed the participants shall be eliminated from the competition.

7. Disciplinary rules as per resonance must be followed by every individual, irrespective of him/her being from the college or an inter entry.

8. The participants will be judged on the basis of dance variation, stage presence, entertainment value, crowd response, skills and creativity.

9. Decision of judges will be final and binding.

10. Video will be uploaded on YouTube for judgement for prelims and finals



 Abhilasha Arora


Ishita Mathur