Dress Styling ( Ethnic Elements Of Earth)

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Theme : Ethnic Elements of the Earth


Participation : One entry per student.


Instructions :


1. Student will upload a picture in costume as per the given theme.

2. Picture quality should be good.    

3.  Single costume is allowed per   participant.    

4.    This event is divided into 3 Rounds i.e. Pre -Elims (All participants) , Elims ( Top 15)  , Finals (Top 3).

5. Participants must clearly keep in mind that their single costume will be granted for   judgement of all the rounds.

6. Participant's photo will be uploaded on social media by the administrators.

7. Result will be basis on (marks by judges and likes on picture)Avg.  And if in any case of tie then the final result will be  based on judges' decision


Rules :-


1. Vulgarity is strongly prohibited. Any form of obscenity will lead to debarring the participant from the contest.

2. Use of cigarettes, alcohol and any unfair means is strongly prohibited.

3. Participants will be judged on costumes, theme and attitude shown in the picture.

4. Participants must strictly stick to the THEME.

5. Participants may use Props.



Ruchi Sharma