Photography (Juxta Position)

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 LOCKDOWNTOGRAPHY, an online photography competition where participants have to go through 3 round


Theme of The Competition: Juxtaposition



This Competition is divided in 3 Rounds which are as follows:


1. Round 1 (Mega Selection) - In this round you have to click on the given topic/theme and will be judged by a set of judges we have. 

2. Round 2 (Culling Round) - The selected photographs will be posted on our social media handles and marked on the basis of likes, comments and share. 

3. Round 3 (Final Battle) - Participants have to make a video of max 59 second. Participants can make videos on *India fight against COVID-19*. Participants can add up their other art forms in this as well like poetry, sketching, etc and the winner will be decided by the audience.


TOPIC - (for first round)


• Juxtaposition (Juxtaposition occurs when two things are placed side by side for comparison, often to highlight the contrast between the elements. The simplest example would be the yin-yang symbol).

• What I learnt in Quarantine (try to tell a story about what you learn using crops from home).


How to send:


• Send them Directly to our email address 


Evaluation Criteria:


1. 40% on Number of likes.

2. 10% Caption.

3. 50% Judges Rating.




• The Theme and Originality of photo will also be considered.

• The decision of the organizers will be final.

• For Round 2 participant will be given a particular code number and their photos will be uploaded with the code numbers and not with the names.

• So the next stage will be, participants will be marked upon:

• 3 points - Comment

• 5 points - Reshare /Repost

• 2 points – Likes


Rules And Regulation-


• The event is open for all college students with a limit of 1 entry per student.

• Picture’s name should be saved as “Participant’s name_Year_branch.jpeg”.

• We will check all the likes and will also check if they are real or fake ones, so don't try to purchase likes.

• Repost will be counted on all the post

• The Photo must be taken by the Participant himself/herself.

• There must be any water-mark, copyright marks, or any text/graphic on the picture.

• The entries will be accompanied with caption no longer than 20 words.




Aman Thanvi


Yash Kataria