To register in Raps event, Please enter your RESO-ID.
NOTE: Password and RESO-ID has already been sent through SMS on your mobile(only for JGI students)

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1. Solo event

2. Entry via online registration.

3. Time limit : 1 to 2 minutes (max)

4. The video size should not exceed about 100mb.

5. The prelims video have to be submitted one day prior to the event and if being selected in the prelims, one must get ready with another video before finale.

6. Language included (Hindi, English, Punjabi , Haryanvi).

7. No abusive words will be entertained

8. Props and music is allowed .

9. Total rounds :- 2 rounds

Round 1 (prelims) :- date of event {11th may2020} 

Round 2 (finale) :- date of event {14th May 2020}

10. Your video will be screened by the coordinators firstly, then if found qualified, it will go on air by online means.

11. In case of any issue on a matter not mentioned in the above regulations, the organizers will decide it on later.