Selfie Battle

To register in Selfie Battle event, Please enter your RESO-ID.
NOTE: Password and RESO-ID has already been sent through SMS on your mobile(only for JGI students)

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1. You have to send one of the recent picture of yours to the instagram account selfie_battle_jiet.

2. Negative marking or elimination of the candidate will be done if candidate uses cigarette, alcohol or any unfair means.

3. Student should  strictly stick to the theme.

4. Participants may use natural props to match it with the theme.

5. The participants will be judged on the basis of relativity to the theme and voting.

6. Any fake voting and fake likes then the candidate will be eliminated.




1. First of all the participants will have to send their best recent photo as a dm to the account selfie_battle_jiet. In the dm they also have to mention their name, branch and year, instagram id and contact no. 

2. The competition will be conducted in two rounds:

i.In the first round there will polling on the above instagram page between two candidates.

ii.In the second round the post of the winner of polling (round 1) will posted on the account selfie_battle_jiet and the candidates will be tagged.

iii.The candidates have to promote it for more likes.

3. The top three winners will be decided on the basis of highest no. of likes on their posts.

4. The post in both the rounds should be related to the theme "NATURE".



Versha Pareek


Nikhil Solanki