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The Students has to log in the resonance website (www.resonance.jietjodhpur.ac.in) with college email-id and password athttp://resonance.jietjodhpur.ac.in/login.

The password has been sent (via SMS) at the student’s registered contact number.


The RESO id is a unique identification factor for each and every student participating in RESONANCE events.

This id will help student to register for every event and it is special identification code which a student must remember.

After logging in, RESO Id of every student will be displayed at the top of every event the student want to participate.

How to get RESO Id?


The student has to login into resonance website by their respective college email-id.

If a student does not has his/her college email id, kindly contact the Information Cell.

After Logging in, the student may go to the respective events he/she is intrested in.

The RESO id will be displayed on the top of every event page.

The RESO id password has been sent(via SMS) to every student’s registered contact number.



There is a large number of events divided into technical,cultural and sports which can be seen under the events section on the resonance website http://resonance.jietjodhpur.ac.in/domain.

The student has to opt for Intra-College Events.

Every student can register for the events he/she wants to participate by using his/her RESO id.

For Team Events, RESO id of the whole team must be submitted.

Every event has been given a student coordinator who is going to conduct his/her respective events. Details of every student coordinator are given under the contact section of every event.